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Sesión de fotos en cueva

8,500.00 USD10,500.00 USD

Si eres buzo certificado de cuevas y quieres llevarte recuerdos inolvidables, ¡Tenemos la opción perfecta para ti! Obtén una sesión fotográfica de buceo con un fotógrafo profesional.

Te seguimos durante toda tu inmersión creando increíbles fotografías con los paisajes de cueva más extraordinarios.


If you’re a certified cave diver and want to take home unforgettable memories, we have the perfect option for you! Get a diving photo session with a professional photographer. We will follow you throughout your dive, capturing incredible photographs of the most extraordinary cave landscapes.


Session Details: 

🔹 A professional photographer accompanies you during your entire dive, seeking the best points to capture your best photos. 

🔹 Plan the cave you want, we’re ready to go and capture your best underwater dives. 

🔹 Included: At least 50 photos, all with the best quality and using only professional equipment. All photos are delivered edited to highlight the best of each of them. 

🔹 Instruction: Brief orientation on what to do and what not to do to get the best results. 

🔹 Individual or group session: You can choose between an individual session or share the experience with your companions.


Promotion Benefits: 

📷 Stunning underwater photographs: We capture amazing images of your dive and create lasting memories.


💰 1 diver for $8,500 MXN 

💰 2 divers for $10,500 MXN