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  • Cenote and Ocean dive

    215.00 USD Select

    Diving in Casa Cenote is a unique and fascinating experience. Located north of Tulum, Mexico, this cenote is a combination of freshwater and saltwater, creating a unique ecosystem. You can also pair this dive with a dive in the reefs of Tulum right next door.

  • Cenote Dive

    199.00 USD Select

    There are many incredible cenote options in the Riviera Maya. When you book, we’ll discuss your experience and wishes and match you up with the perfect cenote. With so many different choices, you really can’t go wrong!

  • Special Cenote Dive

    239.00 USD Select

    Diving in the cenotes of the Riviera Maya is an incredibly deep and captivating experience. When you choose a special cenote, you will see the best of the best! Some of the special cenotes require advanced certification, so when you book we will discuss the best places to show you according to your comfort and certification level. No matter where we go, it’s sure to be an incredible experience underwater!